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Publications 2022 (au 1er novembre)

Bahar A, Belhabib S, Guessasma S, Benmahiddine F, Hamami AE, Belarbi R (2022) Mechanical and Thermal Properties of 3D Printed Polycarbonate. Energies 15

Belarbi YE, Benmahiddine F, Hamami AE, Guessasma S, Belhabib S (2022) Hygrothermal and Microstructural Investigation of PLA and PLA-Flax Printed Structures. Fibers 10

de Kergariou C, Kim BC, Perriman A, Le Duigou A, Guessasma S, Scarpa F (2022) Design of 3D and 4D printed continuous fibre composites via an evolutionary algorithm and voxel-based Finite Elements: Application to natural fibre hygromorphs. Additive Manufacturing 59

Della Valle G, Dufour M, Hugon F, Chiron H, Saulnier L, Kansou K (2022) Rheology of wheat flour dough at mixing. Current Opinion in Food Science 47

Germaini MM, Belhabib S, Guessasma S, Deterre R, Corre P, Weiss P (2022) Additive manufacturing of biomaterials for bone tissue engineering - A critical review of the state of the art and new concepts. Progress in Materials Science 130

Gibouin F, Della Valle G, Van der Sman R (2022) Variations of the viscous properties of a sponge cake artificial bolus with some physiological parameters. Food & Function 13: 3198-3205

Guessasma S, Abouzaid K, Belhabib S, Bassir D, Nouri H (2022) Interfacial Behaviour in Polymer Composites Processed Using Droplet-Based Additive Manufacturing. Polymers 14

Guessasma S, Belhabib S (2022) Infill Strategy in 3D Printed PLA Carbon Composites: Effect on Tensile Performance. Polymers 14

Guessasma S, Belhabib S, Benmahiddine F, Hamami AE, Durand S (2022) Synthesis of a Starchy Photosensitive Material for Additive Manufacturing of Composites Using Digital Light Processing. Molecules 27

Hedjazi L, Guessasma S, Belhabib S, Stephant N (2022) On the Mechanical Performance of Polylactic Material Reinforced by Ceramic in Fused Filament Fabrication. Polymers 14

Jebalia I, Della Valle G, Kristiawan M (2022) Extrusion of pea snack foods and control of biopolymer changes aided by rheology and simulation. Food and Bioproducts Processing 135: 190-204

Kristiawan M, Della Valle G, Berzin F (2022) Extrusion Simulation for the Design of Cereal and Legume Foods. Foods 11

Richely E, Bourmaud A, Dhakal H, Zhang Z, Beaugrand J, Guessasma S (2022) Exploring the morphology of flax fibres by X-ray microtomography and the related mechanical response by numerical modelling. Composites Part a-Applied Science and Manufacturing 160

Wang YZ, Kansou K, Pritchard J, Zwart AB, Saulnier L, Ral JP (2022) Beyond amylose content, selecting starch traits impacting in vitro ?-amylase degradability in a wheat MAGIC population. Carbohydrate Polymers 291

Wang YZ, Ral JP, Saulnier L, Kansou K (2022) How Does Starch Structure Impact Amylolysis? Review of Current Strategies for Starch Digestibility Study. Foods 11

Publications 2021

Abouzaid K, Bassir D, Guessasma S, Yue H (2021) Modelling the process of fused deposition modelling and the effect of temperature on the mechanical, roughness, and porosity properties of resulting composite products. Mechanics of Composite Materials 56: 805-816

Baccouch Z, Hamdi A, Nouri H, Guessasma S (2022) Creep behavior of flax fiber-reinforced polyamide 6 composites: experimental and numerical studies. Polymer Bulletin 79: 9941-9956

Belarbi YE, Guessasma S, Belhabib S, Benmahiddine F, Hamami AE (2021) Effect of Printing Parameters on Mechanical Behaviour of PLA-Flax Printed Structures by Fused Deposition Modelling. Materials 14

Carvalho O, Charalambides MN, Djekic I, Athanassiou C, Bakalis S, Benedito J, Briffaz A, Castane C, Della Valle G, de Sousa IMN, Erdogdu F, Feyissa AH, Kavallieratos NG, Koulouris A, Pojic M, Raymundo A, Riudavets J, Sarghini F, Trematerra P, Tonda A (2021) Modelling Processes and Products in the Cereal Chain. Foods 10

Chaunier L, Reguerre AL, Leroy E (2021) Contour Fitting of Fused Filaments Cross-Section Images by Lemniscates of Booth: Application to Viscous Sintering Kinetics Modeling. Polymers 13

El Hassan M, Sobolik V, Chamkha A, Kristiawan M (2022) Kinematics of helical flow between concentric cylinders with axial through flow. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 182

Gibouin F, van der Sman R, Benedito J, Della Valle G (2022) Rheological properties of artificial boluses of cereal foods enriched with legume proteins. Food Hydrocolloids 122

Jimenez-Rosado M, Maigret JE, Lourdin D, Guerrero A, Romero A (2022) Injection molding versus extrusion in the manufacturing of soy protein-based bioplastics with zinc incorporated. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 139

Jimenez-Rosado M, Maigret JE, Perez-Puyana V, Romero A, Lourdin D (2022) Revaluation of a Soy Protein By-product in Eco-friendly Bioplastics by Extrusion. Journal of Polymers and the Environment 30: 1587-1599

Marc M, Risani R, Desnoes E, Falourd X, Pontoire B, Rodrigues R, Escorcio R, Batista AP, Valentin R, Gontard N, Pereira CS, Lopez C, Leroy E, Lourdin D, Marion D, Bakan B (2021) Bioinspired co-polyesters of hydroxy-fatty acids extracted from tomato peel agro-wastes and glycerol with tunable mechanical, thermal and barrier properties. Industrial Crops and Products 170

Melelli A, Durand S, Arnould O, Richely E, Guessasma S, Jamme F, Beaugrand J, Bourmaud A (2021) Extensive investigation of the ultrastructure of kink-bands in flax fibres. Industrial Crops and Products 164

Richely E, Bourmaud A, Placet V, Guessasma S, Beaugrand J (2022) A critical review of the ultrastructure, mechanics and modelling of flax fibres and their defects. Progress in Materials Science 124

Richely E, Durand S, Melelli A, Kao A, Magueresse A, Dhakal H, Gorshkova T, Callebert F, Bourmaud A, Beaugrand J, Guessasma S (2021) Novel Insight into the Intricate Shape of Flax Fibre Lumen. Fibers 9

Suciu I, Ndiaye A, Baudrit C, Fernandez C, Kondjoyan A, Mirade P, Sicard J, Tournayre P, Bohuon P, Buche P, Courtois F, Guillard V, Athes V, Flick D, Plana-Fattori A, Trelea C, Trystram G, Delaplace G, Curet S, Della Valle D, Pottier L, Chiron H, Guessasma S, Kansou K, Kristiawan M, Della Valle G (2021) A digital learning tool based on models and simulators for food engineering (MESTRAL). Journal of Food Engineering 293

Sulaiman I, Kratky L, Allaf K, Sobolik V, Kristiawan M (2022) Expansion of Emmental cheese and tofu using instant controlled pressure drop (DIC) process. Food and Bioproducts Processing 131: 1-12

Publications 2020

Assad Bustillos M, Jonchere C, Garnier C, Reguerre AL, Della Valle G (2020) Rheological and microstructural characterization of batters and sponge cakes fortified with pea proteins. Food Hydrocolloids 101

Assad-Bustillos M, Guessasma S, Reguerre AL, Della Valle G (2020) Impact of protein reinforcement on the deformation of soft cereal foods under chewing conditions studied by X-ray tomography and finite element modelling. Journal of Food Engineering 286

Assad-Bustillos M, Palier J, Rabesona H, Choiset Y, Della Valle G, Feron G (2020) Role of the bolus degree of structure on the protein digestibility during in vitro digestion of a pea protein-fortified sponge cake chewed by elderly. Journal of Texture Studies 51: 134-143

Assad-Bustillos M, Tournier C, Chiron H, Guessasma S, Septier C, Della Valle G, Feron G (2020) Impact of pulse proteins (pea and faba bean) enrichment in cereal products (brioche and sponge cake) designed for aging population on oral processing and in vitro protein digestibility. Cahiers De Nutrition Et De Dietetique 55: 317-324

Assad-Bustillos M, Tournier C, Palier J, Septier C, Feron G, Della Valle G (2020) Oral processing and comfort perception of soft cereal foods fortified with pulse proteins in the elderly with different oral health status. Food & Function 11: 4535-4547

Biswas P, Guessasma S, Li J (2020) Numerical prediction of orthotropic elastic properties of 3D-printed materials using micro-CT and representative volume element. Acta Mechanica 231: 503-516

Chaunier L, Viau L, Falourd X, Lourdin D, Leroy E (2020) A drug delivery system obtained by hot-melt processing of zein plasticized by a pharmaceutically active ionic liquid. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 8: 4672-4679

Decaen P, Rolland-Sabate A, Colomines G, Guilois S, Lourdin D, Della Valle G, Leroy E (2020) Influence of ionic plasticizers on the processing and viscosity of starch melts. Carbohydrate Polymers 230

 Della Valle G, Chiron H, Le-Bail A, Saulnier L (2020) Food Structure Development in Cereal and Snack Products. In: Spyropoulos F, Lazidis A,  Norton IT (eds) Handbook of Food Structure Development, pp. 151-172.

Guessasma S, Belhabib S, Altin A (2020) On the Tensile Behaviour of Bio-Sourced 3D-Printed Structures from a Microstructural Perspective. Polymers 12

Guessasma S, Belhabib S, Bassir D, Nouri H, Gomes S (2020) On the Mechanical Behaviour of Biosourced Cellular Polymer Manufactured Using Fused Deposition Modelling. Polymers 12

Guessasma S, Belhabib S, Nouri H (2020) Thermal cycling, microstructure and tensile performance of PLA-PHA polymer printed using fused deposition modelling technique. Rapid Prototyping Journal 26: 122-133

Guessasma S, Belhabib S, Nouri H (2021) Effect of printing temperature on microstructure, thermal behavior and tensile properties of 3D printed nylon using fused deposition modeling. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 138

Hamzaoui R, Guessasma S, Abahri K, Bouchenafa O (2020) Formulation of Modified Cement Mortars Using Optimal Combination of Fly Ashes, Shiv, and Hemp Fibers. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 32

Jaafar Z, Quelennec B, Moreau C, Lourdin D, Maigret JE, Pontoire B, D'Orlandp A, Coradin T, Duchemin B, Fernandes FM, Cathala B (2020) Plant cell wall inspired xyloglucan/cellulose nanocrystals aerogels produced by freeze-casting. Carbohydrate Polymers 247

Jimenez-Saelices C, Trongsatitkul T, Lourdin D, Capron I (2020) Chitin Pickering Emulsion for Oil Inclusion in Composite Films. Carbohydrate Polymers 242

Kristiawan M, Della Valle G, Reguerre AL, Micard V, Salles C (2021) Artificial Oral Processing of Extruded Pea Flour Snacks. Food Engineering Reviews 13: 247-261

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Publications 2019

  • Assad-Bustillos, M.; Tournier, C.; Feron, G.; Guessasma, S.; Reguerre, A. L.; Della Valle, G. Fragmentation of Two Soft Cereal Products during Oral Processing in the Elderly: Impact of Product Properties and Oral Health Status. Food Hydrocolloids 2019, 91, 153–165.
  • Assad-Bustillos, M.; Tournier, C.; Septier, C.; Della Valle, G.; Feron, G. Relationships of Oral Comfort Perception and Bolus Properties in the Elderly with Salivary Flow Rate and Oral Health Status for Two Soft Cereal Foods. Food Research International 2019, 118, 13–21.
  • Assad-Bustillos, M.; Palier, J.; Rabesona,H.;  Choiset,Y.;  Della Valle, G.; Feron,G. The role of the bolus structure degree on  protein bioaccessibility during in vitro digestion of a pea protein fortified sponge-cake chewed by elderly. J. Texture Studies,In Press, 2019
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Publications 2018

  • Abouzaid, K., Guessasma, S., Belhabib, S., Bassir, D., & Chouaf, A. (2018). Printability of co-polyester using fused deposition modelling and related mechanical performance. European Polymer Journal, 108, 262-273.
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Publications 2017

  • Arufe, S., Chiron, H., Doré, J., Savary-Auzeloux, I., Saulnier, L., & Della Valle, G. (2017). Processing and rheological properties of wheat flour dough and bread containing high levels of soluble dietary fibres blends. Food Research International, 97, 123-132.
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Publications 2016

  • Abdelaziz, S., Guessasma, S., Bouaziz, A., Hamzaoui, R., Beaugrand, J., & Souid, A. A. (2016). Date palm spikelet in mortar: Testing and modelling to reveal the mechanical performance. Construction and Building Materials, 124, 228-236.
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