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Publications 2022 (au 1er novembre)

  • Escorcio R, Bento A, Tome AS, Correia VG, Rodrigues R, Moreira CJS, Marion D, Bakan B, Pereira CS (2022) Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Producing Antimicrobial Cutin- Derived Oligomers from Tomato Pomace. Acs Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 10: 11415-11427
  • Mameri H, Gaudin JC, Lollier V, Tranquet O, Brossard C, Pietri M, Marion D, Codreanu-Morel F, Beaudouin E, Wien F, Gohon Y, Briozzo P, Denery-Papini S (2022) Critical structural elements for the antigenicity of wheat allergen LTP1 (Tri a 14) revealed by site-directed mutagenesis. Scientific Reports 12
  • Reynoud N, Geneix N, Petit J, D'Orlando A, Fanuel M, Marion D, Rothan C, Lahaye M, Bakan B (2022) The cutin polymer matrix undergoes a fine architectural tuning from early tomato fruit development to ripening. Plant Physiology 190: 1821-1840

Publications 2021

  • Bakan B, Bernet N, Bouchez T, Boutrou R, Choubert J-M, Dabert P, Duquennoi C, Ferraro V, García-Bernet D, Gillot S, Mery J, Rémond C, Steyer J-P, Trably E, Tremier A (2022) Circular Economy Applied to Organic Residues and Wastewater: Research Challenges. Waste and Biomass Valorization 13 (2):1267-1276.
  • Bento A, Moreira CJS, Correia VG, Escórcio R, Rodrigues R, Tomé AS, Geneix N, Petit J, Bakan B, Rothan C, Mykhaylyk OO, Silva Pereira C (2021) Quantification of Structure–Property Relationships for Plant Polyesters Reveals Suberin and Cutin Idiosyncrasies. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (47):15780-15792.
  • Elejalde-Palmett C, Martinez San Segundo I, Garroum I, Charrier L, De Bellis D, Mucciolo A, Guerault A, Liu J, Zeisler-Diehl V, Aharoni A, Schreiber L, Bakan B, Clausen MH, Geisler M, Nawrath C (2021) ABCG transporters export cutin precursors for the formation of the plant cuticle. Current Biology 31 (10):2111-2123.e2119.
  • Marc M, Risani R, Desnoes E, Falourd X, Pontoire B, Rodrigues R, Escórcio R, Batista AP, Valentin R, Gontard N, Silva Pereira C, Lopez C, Leroy E, Lourdin D, Marion D, Bakan B (2021) Bioinspired co-polyesters of hydroxy-fatty acids extracted from tomato peel agro-wastes and glycerol with tunable mechanical, thermal and barrier properties. Industrial Crops and Products 170:113718.
  • Petit J, Bres C, Reynoud N, Lahaye M, Marion D, Bakan B, Rothan C (2021) Unraveling Cuticle Formation, Structure, and Properties by Using Tomato Genetic Diversity. Frontiers in Plant Science 12.
  • Reynoud N, Petit J, Bres C, Lahaye M, Rothan C, Marion D, Bakan B (2021) The Complex Architecture of Plant Cuticles and Its Relation to Multiple Biological Functions. Frontiers in Plant Science 12.

Publications 2020

  • Geneix, N, Dalgalarrondo, M, Tassy, C., Nadaud, I., Barret,P., Bakan, B., Elmorjani, K., Marion, D. (2020). Relationships between puroindoline-prolamin interactions and wheat grain hardness. PLoS ONE 15(9): e0225293.
  • Philippe, G., Geneix, N., Petit J., Guillon, F., Sandt C., Rothan, C., Lahaye, M., Marion, D., Bakan, B. (2020). Assembly of tomato fruit cuticles: a cross-talk between the cutin polyester and cell wall polysaccharides. New Phytologist. 10.1111/nph.16402.
  • Marion, D. & Saulnier L. (2020) Minor components and wheat quality: Perspectives on climate  changes, Journal of Cereal Science,94.

Publications 2019

  • Gayral, M., Fanuel, M., Rogniaux, H., Dalgalarrondo, M., Elmorjani, K., Bakan, B., Marion, D. (2019). The Spatiotemporal Deposition of lysophosphatidylcholine within starch granules of maize endosperm and its relationships to the expression of genes involved in endoplasmic reticulum-amyloplast lipid trafficking and galactolipid synthesis. Plant and Cell Physiology, 60, 139-151.
  • Rivard, C., Bakan, B., Boulogne, C., Elmorjani, K., Swaraj, S., Belkhou, R., Marion, D. (2019). Spatial distribution of starch, proteins and lipids in maize endosperm probed by scanning transmission X-ray microscopy.  Journal of Spectral Imaging 8.

Publications 2018

  • Gayral, M., Fanuel, M., Rogniaux, H., Dalgalarrondo, M., Elmorjani, K., Bakan, B., & Marion, D. (2018). The spatiotemporal deposition of lysophosphatidylcholine within starch granules of maize endosperm and its relationships to the expression of genes involved in endoplasmic reticulum-amyloplast lipid trafficking and galactolipid synthesis. Plant & Cell Physiology.
  • Barbottin A., Chardigny J.M., Chardot T., Charmet G., Debaeke P., Duc G., Fardet A., Jeuffroy M.H., Lullien-Pellerin V., Magrini M.B., Marion D., Mouloungui Z., Renard M., Sebillotte C. (2018). Diversité des agricultures – le cas des filières céréales, oléagineux et légumineuses à graines. Innovations Agronomiques 68, 39-77.

Publications 2017

  • Bakan, B. and Marion, D. (2017). Assembly of the Cutin Polyester: From Cells to Extracellular Cell Walls. Plants, 6(4), 57.
  • Chaunier, L., Della Valle, G., Dalgalarrondo, M., Lourdin, D., Marion, D., & Leroy, E. (2017). Rheology and structural changes of plasticized zeins in the molten state. Rheologica Acta, 56(11), 941-953.
  • Gayral, M., Elmorjani, K., Dalgalarrondo, M., Balzergue, S. M., Pateyron, S., Morel, M. H., Brunet, S., Linossier, L., Delluc, C., Bakan, B., & Marion, D. (2017). Responses to Hypoxia and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Discriminate the Development of Vitreous and Floury Endosperms of Conventional Maize (Zea mays) Inbred Lines. Frontiers in plant science, 8, 557.

Publications 2016

  • Gayral, M., Gaillard, C., Bakan, B., Dalgalarrondo, M., Elmorjani, K., Delluc, C., Brunet, S., Linossier, L., Morel, M.-H., & Marion, D. (2016). Transition from vitreous to floury endosperm in maize (Zea mays L.) kernels is related to protein and starch gradients. Journal of Cereal Science, 68, 148-154.
  • Philippe, G., Gaillard, C., Petit, J., Geneix, N., Dalgalarrondo, M., Bres, C., Mauxion, J. P., Franke, R., Rothan, C., Schreiber, L., Marion, D., & Bakan, B. (2016). Ester Cross-Link Profiling of the Cutin Polymer of Wild-Type and Cutin Synthase Tomato Mutants Highlights Different Mechanisms of Polymerization. Plant Physiology, 170(2), 807-820.

Publications 2015

  • Gayral M., Bakan B., Dalgalarrondo M., Elmorjani K., Delluc C., Brunet, S., Linossier L., Morel M.H., Marion D. (2015) Lipid Partitioning in Maize (Zea mays L.) Endosperm Highlights Relationships among Starch Lipids, Amylose, and Vitreousness. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 63(13), 3551-3588.
  • Geneix N., Dalgalarrondo M., Bakan B., Rolland-Sabaté A., Elmorjani K., & Marion D. (2015). A single amino acid substitution in puroindoline b impacts its self-assembly and the formation of heteromeric assemblies with puroindoline a. Journal of Cereal Science, 64, 116-125.

Publications 2014

  • Chateigner-Boutin A. L., Bouchet B., Alvarado C., Bakan B., Guillon F. (2014). The Wheat Grain Contains Pectic Domains Exhibiting Specific Spatial and Development-Associated Distribution. Plos One, 9(2), 13.
  • Petit J., Bres C., Just D., Garcia V., Mauxion J. P., Marion D., Bakan B., Joubes J., Domergue F., Rothan C. (2014). Analyses of Tomato Fruit Brightness Mutants Uncover Both Cutin-Deficient and Cutin-Abundant Mutants and a New Hypomorphic Allele of GDSL Lipase. Plant Physiology, 164(2), 888-906.
  • Velickovic D., Herdier H., Philippe G., Marion D., Rogniaux H., Bakan B. (2014). Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging: a powerful tool for probing the molecular topology of plant cutin polymer. Plant Journal, 80(5), 926-935.

Publications 2013

  • Elmorjani K., Geneix N., Dalgalarrondo M., Branlard G., Marion D. (2013). Wheat grain softness protein (Gsp1) is a puroindoline-like protein that displays a specific post-translational maturation and does not interact with lipids. Journal of Cereal Science, 58(1), 117-122.
  • Elzein T., Fahs A., Brogly M., Elhiri A., Lepoittevin B., Roger P., Planchot V. (2013). Adsorption of Alkanethiols on Gold Surfaces: PM-IRRAS Study of the Influence of Terminal Functionality on Alkyl Chain Orientation. Journal of Adhesion, 89(5), 416-432.
  • Fameau A. L., Gaillard C., Marion D., Bakan B. (2013). Interfacial properties of functionalized assemblies of hydroxy-fatty acid salts isolated from fruit tomato peels. Green Chemistry, 15(2), 341-346.
  • Rezig L., Chibani F., Chouaibi M., Dalgalarrondo M., Hessini K., Guéguen J., Hamdi S. (2013). Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) Seed Proteins: Sequential Extraction Processing and Fraction Characterization. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61(32), 7715-7721.

Publications 2012

  • Girard A. L., Mounet F., Lemaire-Chamley M., Gaillard C., Elmorjani K., Vivancos J., Runavot J. L., Quemener B., Petit J., Germain V., Rothan C., Marion D., Bakan B. (2012). Tomato GDSL1 Is Required for Cutin Deposition in the Fruit Cuticle. Plant Cell, 24(7), 3119-3134.
  • Lesage V. S., Merlino M., Chambon C., Bouchet B., Marion D., Branlard G. (2012). Proteomes of hard and soft near-isogenic wheat lines reveal that kernel hardness is related to the amplification of a stress response during endosperm development. Journal of Experimental Botany, 63(2), 1001-1011.

Publications 2011

  • Denery-Papini S., Bodinier M., Pineau F., Triballeau S., Tranquet O., Adel-Patient K., Moneret-Vautrin D.A., Bakan B., Marion D., Mothes T., Mameri H., Kasarda D. (2011). Immunoglobulin-E-binding epitopes of wheat allergens in patients with food allergy to wheat and in mice experimentally sensitized to wheat proteins. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 41(10), 1478-1492.
  • Debiton C., Merlino M., Chambon C., Bancel E., Decourteix M., Planchot V., Branlard G. (2011). Analyses of albumins, globulins and amphiphilic proteins by proteomic approach give new insights on waxy wheat starch metabolism. Journal of Cereal Science, 53(2), 160-169.
  • Lesage V. S., Bouchet B., Rhazi L., Elmorjani K., Branlard G., Marion D. (2011). New insight into puroindoline function inferred from their subcellullar localization in developing hard and soft near-isogenic endosperm and their relationship with polymer size of storage proteins. Journal of Cereal Science, 53(2), 231-238.
  • Runavot J. L., Bakan B., Geneix N., Saulnier L., Moco K., Guillon F., Corbineau F., Boivin P., Marion D. (2011). Impact of Low Hydration of Barley Grain on beta-Glucan Degradation and Lipid Transfer Protein (LTP1) Modifications During the Malting Process. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 59(15), 8256-8264.
  • Szydlowski N., Ragel P., Hennen-Bierwagen T. A., Planchot V., Myers A. M., Merida A., d'Hulst C. Wattebled F. (2011). Integrated functions among multiple starch synthases determine both amylopectin chain length and branch linkage location in Arabidopsis leaf starch. Journal of Experimental Botany, 62(13), 4547-4559.
  • Tasleem-Tahir A., Nadaud I., Girousse C., Martre P., Marion D., Branlard G. (2011). Proteomic analysis of peripheral layers during wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain development. Proteomics, 11(3), 371-379.

Publications 2010

  • Valentin R., Cerclier C., Geneix N., Aguie-Beghin V., Gaillard C., Ralet M. C., Cathala B. (2010). Elaboration of Extensin-Pectin Thin Film Model of Primary Plant Cell Wall. Langmuir, 26(12), 9891-9898.

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